Home is the last place you need unwanted guests. Whether the pest is a mouse or a bunch of roaches, ants marching across the kitchen floor or spiders creating unsightly webs all over the house,  our certified pest control technicians are ready to respond quickly to your call and tailor a plan that eliminates your pest problem. Not only that, we’ll offer steps to take to reduce the likelihood that pests will return.

Because every home is unique, we always start a new home pest control program with a thorough inspection.  This helps us to:

Identify your home’s pest pressures

Determine areas that are conducive to infestation

Customize a pest control plan specifically for your house and property

During our initial visit, Mitchell’s exterminators will target pests already active in the house.  Areas we’ll treat include the kitchen, dining room, living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms and even the attic and basement.

Once the initial infestation is eliminated, we’ll return every three months to make sure these pests don’t creep back in.

Because most new infestations originate from the outside of the house, inspection and treatment of the exterior is very important. On our next visit to your home, we’ll focus mostly on the exterior of the house, treating as necessary.

Starting right at the front door, we’ll make our away around the perimeter of your home, treating the foundation and under siding.  We’ll treat around utility entrances and address any pests we discover along the way.  We’ll also inspect and treat for pests around sheds, under decorative rocks, logs, mulch and leaf litter.  We’ll remove spider webs on the exterior as well.

And if you’re experiencing a pest problem inside your home, we’ll take care of that too.