Northwest Pest Patrol services for Apartments

Pest Control Sanitation habits play a very important role in preventing and eliminating pest invaders. Insects and rodents need food, water and shelter to survive and by eliminating as many of these resources as possible you will be able to avoid most infestations. In most cases pest infestations can be spotted very early or prevented all together if sanitation conditions are good.

Getting rid of pests in an apartment can be difficult without the support of management and the residents in the adjoining units. If management provides pest control they should be notified of any pest control methods or products that you use so that they are not over spraying or over treating your unit. Next, the following steps should be followed:

Inspect the entire apartment thoroughly. Look for places where pests can enter the space. Search for gaps, cracks or holes near appliances, in and around cabinets, around utility cables or wires (pipes, plug outlets, TV cable…), around door frames and window frames, and underneath baseboards. Search for pest damage such as gnawed holes in walls or food products, feces or urine.

Identify the pest. This step is very important. The treatment for rats is different than for mice and the treatment for roaches is quite different from the treatment for fleas. In most cases you can make a visual identification by either seeing the pest or by finding the feces or damage left behind. If you are unsure what type of pest is causing the problem you should ask for a professional inspection before doing any type of treatment.

Call Northwest Pest Patrol at 281-469-7378 to visit and inspect the apartment to analysis and provide a treatment appropriate for the type of pest that is infesting your apartment.

Here is a list of pests that frequently infest apartment buildings.





Silverfish and Firebrats