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Latin NameSerpentes
Length10 cm (Barbados threadsnake, Adult)
Digestive tract---

snakeIf you live on the gulf coast you have seen a snake or two around your property.  Most folks do not care if these snakes are venomous or non-venomous, they just want them gone.  Our snake control program is designed to capture snakes in and around the home and to try and prevent them from frequenting our client’s properties.

Beautiful, fascinating or frightening … snakes are able to increase the heart rate of many that come face to face with them; however history gives a different perspective. Snakes and humans have had a strong and connected relationship throughout the ages! The Ancient Greeks believed snakes to have a mythical healing power. The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt believed the venomous snakes would provide protection, so the likeness of this snake was used to adorn head-dresses and jewelry. In addition, ‘Caduceus’, the symbol of medicine is two snakes coiled around a winged staff. Given that snakes were thought to be protectors and healers, it is not surprising that they were represented in this way.

Snakes have been used a lot as mythical creatures of evil in children’s books and movies. This representation has formed a negative perception of snakes, which has lead to the demise of many, driving some to make a hobby of searching and killing snakes in large numbers. It is important to recognize the role that snakes play in the food chain; both venomous and non-venomous worldwide. Should there be a sudden decrease in the snake populations a direct result would be a dramatic increase in the rodent and insect populations, which would certainly increase the number of homes and businesses with infestations. Snakes help to keep an important balance in the food chain.

An infestation of rodents and insects is far more common that a snake infestation, which is very rare! Of course no one wants a snake to live inside with the family, but a snake normally comes in to a dwelling through a hole that has been made by a rodent, simply searching for a meal and unfortunately often times are unable to find a way back out. There is the occasional snake that enters to winter in, but these incidents are rare. Should you encounter a surprise visitor, after recovering from the panic attack that is sure to happen, call us at NorthWest Pest Patrol to send out a technician that is expert in snake removals. Remember – most snake bites are a result of trying to catch or kill the intruder, who happens to probably be more afraid of you that you are of him!